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In most industries they always say that prevention is better than cure, and the same is true when it comes to maintenance. Regular maintenance prevents bigger issues from occurring. Your properties are an investment!

1. What is maintenance
2. Breakdown of maintenance items
3. The solution

1. What is maintenance?

Maintenance is ensuring the following is done on a regular basis, by this we can save you money.

1. Gutter cleaning
2. Carpentry within your home
3. Roof cleaning
4. Cleaning of facia boards and barge boards
5. Cleaning of upholstery, rugs and mattresses

2. Breakdown of Maintenance Items

Cleaning of Gutters

Regular cleaning of gutters prevents roof leaks, ensures no water leaks occurs, and ensures that water can flow freely. Water, when stationery, finds a place to go and can cause severe damage to your property. It is recommended to clean the gutters at least twice or three times per year. Negligence can also cause insurance claims not to pay out.

Carpentry within your home

Carpentry, when left for long periods, can cause deterioration. A hinge that is loose can cause severe, irrevocable damage to a cupboard door. Something as simple as a hinge can cost you R1000s of Rands in damage. It is vitally important to ensure that no further damages occur within your property. Carpentry inspections are recommended every 4-6 months.

Roof cleaning

When your roof is cleaned, your property does not only look better but it ensures that the paint lasts for longer periods. A roof clean is vitally important. When a roof is left uncleaned for more than 12 months, lichen forms on the paint, and in the long run, when it is then cleaned, the paint rips and the roof then needs to be painted. Prevention is better than cure in this scenario. It is recommended to clean the roof once every year. A roof clean also includes a gutter clean.

Cleaning of facia boards and barge boards

When left uncleaned, water stains or streaks form on the facia boards and barge boards. The more regularly they are cleaned, the less likely water stains become. Water stains are stubborn and cannot be cleaned off. The facia boards and barge boards then need to be painted. The cleaning of facia boards and barge boards are included in a gutter clean or a roof clean, and is recommended twice to 3 times per year.

Cleaning of upholstery and rugs

Did you know that nearly 10000 mites can live in a single square meter of carpet? Our biggest fear is mites. Mites form in upholstery, rugs, mattresses, and many other places. When cleaning upholstery and rugs, they are steam cleaned, and then extracted. You will often find that mites can cause illness, skin irritations and sinus among others. It is recommended to clean your rugs, mattresses and upholstery quarterly.

3. The Solution

The Boss Group is your property solutionist, and with this in mind, we have created a simple solution to take care of your biggest headache – maintenance.

As The Boss Group has multiple divisions, we can do your maintenance work within your property. However, we also understand that you are busy, and don’t always find the time to look at your maintenance items. It is also overwhelming to know where to start! We have therefore created the following:

1. Maintenance plans – booked automatically. These are for your general maintenance items within your property, as well as routine maintenance of your electrical and plumbing related items
2. Routine inspections – booked automatically and you will be notified via email or sms when an inspection will take place on your property
3. Regular cleaning plans – booked automatically on a certain day of each month that suits you best.

Our aim is to ensure that your home is always taken care of, and that your home maintenance headache is left in capable hands.

Contact us today to get started!

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